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Bespoke handmade ceramic hearts, mounted and framed, gifts to express love and kindness for the people in your life!


I saw an opportunity to create heartfelt quality gifts to remember those who we have lost but also to express the tremendous love we have for those around us.

Bisous creates personalised handmade ceramic hearts mounted and framed and a selection of other handmade products. My products are customised with personalised phrases, quotes and sometimes drawings to express what the client wants to say to their loved one. 

The name of my business needed to reflect the love for the people I miss and the wonderful people in my life. Bisous was the perfect word for my new business and is the French word for kisses. The meaning of Bisous embodies me as a person and the gifts I want to create for you. My business has grown faster then I ever expected and I find I have totally switched back into my creative mode, and I'm really enjoying it!

I am thrilled to showcase my broad range of products here on my website for you to browse. If a customer would like a completely customised piece, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0868561168. I will be happy to create the perfect piece to your taste!

Thanks again to all of my customers for making Bisous what it is for me!


A little background on my business, my name is Trish Larkin, I live in Clane with my three children and my husband. Back in the day, I studied Architectural Graphics and later Graphic Design. I worked in the industry for around twelve years in both London and here in Ireland, designing corporate and personal brands and images. When I had my first child I was lucky to be able to stop working and stay at home to look after her and support my husband while he built up his IT company. But as the children got older and I was hit with the things life throws at you, good and bad, I felt I needed to do something creative for myself!

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